At CSP, our Custom T-shirt Designs begin with Passion!

I can still remember the first custom t-shirt I ever made. I’m not referring to the kind you make when you’re a kid with a sharpie or fabric paint. I was in Middle School, and we had a career exploration class. I was the first in line to sign up for the “graphic design” lab. I found an awesome motorcycle in the clip art catalog and learned my way around the design software. I added the text and it was ready for the heat press. “Been There, Done That, Made the T-shirt!”
From then on I was hooked. When I got to high school, I signed up for the Graphic Communications class where we had access to screen printing equipment. I was a sponge, I wanted to soak up as much knowledge about the screen printing process as possible. I learned the basics of how screen printing works, how ink is pushed through a mesh to transfer an image to the fabric. I learned the advantages of vector art over raster images. I was amazed by the precision and detail they were able to capture, clean crisp lines. I had a few design ideas, and started with some basic prints. From time to time, my classmates would ask me to make a shirt for them. I didn’t really know much about running a business, but I did have a great advantage: zero overhead costs! I began selling t-shirts to my classmates, using the school’s equipment, and the short 90 minute class time. It was awesome making money while I was in class, doing things I enjoyed doing. I started working with Jeff at Carolina Screen Printers at the end of my Junior year of high school—a professional Graphic Designer at the age of 17…living the dream!
Maybe the motorcycle was foreshadowing too, because I ended up learning to ride and buying my first bike when I was 19. To this day, the designs I enjoy working on most are Poker Run T-shirts and other biker t-shirts for different motorcycle clubs and riding organizations. I have been blessed to make a career out of designing t-shirts, and working with Carolina Screen Printers has always been a privilege. Rarely when you’re doing what you love does work feel like work! I guess I was just Born To Be Wild—and after all these years, I’m still wild about making custom t-shirts!
So...when you're ready to make your passion come to life on a t-shirt, keep Carolina Screen Printers in mind--we look forward to hearing from you!

-Matt ‘Retrow’ Rollison 2014

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I really liked that you had chosen the screen printing works during your academics. This is quite awesome to know the new things during that age and they can prove a great carrier some times.